Meet the team that’s bringing financial happiness to the world!

We’re passionate about helping people enjoy financial peace of mind. We believe that people live happier and healthier lives if their finances are organised and presented in a way that’s easy to understand. That’s why we created PictureWealth.

David Pettit Co Founder | Exec Director

David is an award-winning adviser and forward-thinking entrepreneur. David has an unwavering passion for innovation when it comes to financial advice and improving people’s lives.

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With more than a decade of experience in the financial services industry, David is known as a thought leader in the private wealth and Fintech spaces.

He is passionate about managing both money and personal health, believing there is an intrinsic link between the two.

David is proud to have founded PictureWealth, which speaks to his mission of improving financial literacy and empowering people to improve their lives. David wanted to create a simple platform to help people to stay on top of their financial health, which also helps them stay on top of their overall wellbeing.

David believes that focusing on the future of advice allows continuous innovation towards providing standalone advice in an industry that is constrained by product.

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Allan Maitland CEO | Exec Director

Allan Maitland has over 20 years’ of experience shaping and executing corporate strategy and digital transformation across the financial services. He is passionate about driving sustainable success by simultaneously improving client service, operations, technology and culture.

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He has led across small, medium and large customer-facing businesses through a range of business cycles and across a range of different market segments including financial advice, private banking, consumer banking and business banking.

Allan held senior leadership positions within ASX 100 listed Westpac and BT Financial Group and holds a Master of Business through the University of Western Australia and is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

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Marko Sekez Co Founder | Chief Technology Officer | Exec Director

Marko is a world-class leader and skilled professional with technical and business expertise. He is a key player in maximising PictureWealth’s business value through the product’s system.

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Marko is very passionate about new technology and the science behind it.

He believes that world is now in middle of next industry revolution and believes that AI and Machine Learning will make people’s lives better.

He works constantly with his R & D team on designing concepts around new interfaces. It is his mission to explore new and better user experiences around fintech products.

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Luke Taylor Chief Operating Officer

Joining PictureWealth in 2024, Luke brings his visionary leadership and a deep understanding of the digital landscape to further the company's mission of making financial well-being accessible to all Australians. His track record of fostering innovation and his passion for developing cutting-edge technology and products align seamlessly with PictureWealth's objectives.

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Under Luke's operational guidance, PictureWealth is set to enhance its technology platform, enriching the customer experience and expanding its reach in the financial services sector. His influence extends across various facets of the business, ensuring that PictureWealth remains at the forefront of fintech innovation, with an increased focus on data-driven decision-making, cybersecurity, and customer engagement.

Luke Taylor's career is distinguished by his successful ventures and significant contributions to the tech and digital marketing industries. As the founder of TrafficGuard, Luke established a leading ad fraud prevention solution and garnered global recognition and numerous awards for its innovative technology.

Before TrafficGuard, Luke's role as CEO of a North American performance marketing company showcased his ability to drive substantial revenue growth, manage successful capital raises, and navigate a company to its listing on the Australian Stock Exchange. These experiences reflect Luke's profound expertise in leading high-performing teams and his strategic approach to business growth through technological and operational excellence.

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Kelly Aldridge Technology Delivery Manager

Kelly is an accomplished Operations Manager who has specialised in process logistics and data analysis for over a decade.

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Working across a vast range of industries, she has gained a valuable balance of operations, sales and marketing expertise within fast growing organisations and recognisable brands including BECCA Cosmetics, Rusty and The National Gallery of Victoria. Kelly is inspired by PictureWealth’s vision to empower people with financial knowledge and she believes in the blending of technology and human talent to deliver financial advise via cutting edge technology. Kelly brings a unique operations perspective to the PictureWealth leadership team, using her dynamic problem-solving skillset to deliver an efficient client focused and world class experience to the world of advice.

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Amanda Mitchell-Lewis Team Lead – Compliance

Amanda has been part of the Financial Services industry for over 30 years. Her Industry experience spans Management, Corporate Superannuation, Consulting, Advisory & Compliance roles.

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Personal highlights have included running her own Advisory Business for 7 years, serving as a Director on the Board of Alzheimer’s WA and is proud to be a part of the Picture Wealth team.

Compliance & Governance have been her focus for the last 5 years, with her depth of Industry experience bringing both a strong regulatory & support skillset to Picture Wealth.

Focus on the overall client experience and financial education are of particular importance to Amanda in delivering valuable and meaningful advice to clients.

Being part of a professional team of ‘good humans’ is essential to Amanda’s core values with Picture Wealth delivering on both counts.

Amanda enjoys holidaying Overseas and in the Southwest with her family & spending time with friends.

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Pia Dollas-Welsh Head of Advice Capability & Client Experience

Pia has a passion for sound Financial Planning that is upfront and personal. Tracing back to her childhood, Pia watched her mother juggle three jobs to financially support a terminally ill husband, two children and a mortgage.

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After running her own private practice, Pia was recruited as a Senior Financial Planner with a large banking corporation. She was promoted to a corporate national coaching role and has managed various teams, with a focus on the training and development of financial advisers to deliver client centric advice.

Pia enjoys connecting and working collaboratively with the team at Picture Wealth, to create advice that serves the best interests of our clients. She holds an Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning, a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and is both a Certified Organisational Coach and Certified Financial Planner.

Outside of developing talent in the office, Pia loves a full-bodied Shiraz with family and friends, races traffic like a New York taxi driver, is mad about interior design and thoroughly enjoys playing almost any board game.

Pia’s favourite quote and life philosophy is summed up by Maya Angelo - “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

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Alisa Pettit Finance Manager

Starting her career as a Finance Manager (CPA) for 12 years, Alisa has worked in managing large teams on billion dollar projects and has a passion for numbers.

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Alisa is also passionate about maximising human potential and has discovered the secret ingredient to personal and team success was more than technical ability, it was the ability for team members to manage their emotions and navigate the emotions of others. With this, Alisa brings her financial expertise and her experience from professional coaching across government agencies and large corporates into the heart of PictureWealth and has been described as "the least beige accountant you would ever meet".

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