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Tory Richardson

Head of Client Services

Head of Client Services

About me

Tory has over a decade of experience in the financial planning industry, in a variety of client-facing, operational and management roles in both the enterprise and employed spaces.

He has found a passion for building culturally aligned teams and successfully leading through change, believing that the future of advice is through the coalescence of technology and the deeply personal relationships that are forged between clients and advisers – understanding that one can’t succeed without the other in an ever-evolving industry.

Having seen that clients from all walks of life can benefit from financial advice, including those in his own family, his daily focus continues to be on providing clients with the best possible advice experience.

Outside of work, Tory is an avid cricketer and can be found sampling the latest craft beer or spending time with his dogs. He also holds both a Bachelor of Commerce and Diploma of Financial Planning.