Leanne Martinez

Brody George

Associate Adviser

Associate Adviser

About me

I have applied my education in accounting to my successful and current career as an Associate Adviser and have provided practical financial advice helping others make better financial decisions. My experience has allowed me to play a vital role in developing agency operations through outbound prospecting, client contact, and sales activities. I have completed and received my degree in Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting).

Although I majored in accounting for my undergraduate degree, I have always been interested in strategic decision-making and the science of cognitive biases. I have applied this interest and passion in my Associate Advisor role to help clients reach their financial objectives. I believe there is something truly valuable in the basis and framework of financial planning. Therefore, as an Associate Advisor, I apply the framework of focusing on and helping others make better decisions around their finances and achieve their goals as the core of my work ethic.

I am dedicated to providing each client with my expertise and tailored service in client relations. I am committed to learning about each client’s monetary goals, analyzing their current financial situation, and creating a personalized plan that aligns with their objectives. I acknowledge how each client focuses on achieving their financial goals and specialize in helping them to do so with as little risk necessary.

I am originally from a small farming town named Corrigin, but I moved to Perth for the last two years of my education. I have been relatively active and participated in several outdoor/indoor extracurricular activities for most of my life. Most recently, I have found an interest and passion in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Street Roller Hockey. Perth has influenced my current social activities, and I have found a new interest in dining out within neighbouring areas and indulging in specialty coffees.