Leanne Martinez

Amber Dawson

Senior Financial Adviser

Senior Financial Adviser

About me

I found my passion in financial planning and advising and have created a professional and rewarding career as a Financial Planner. I am an advisor with a well-rounded financial services perspective and enjoy helping clients by ensuring their hard work reaps its financial benefits.

I have completed a Commerce Degree Double Major (Applied Financial and Commercial Law) and received a Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning, SMSF and Aged Care Specialisation. I am a committed FPA Member and a knowledgeable Financial Toolkit Volunteer.

I am dedicated to identifying clients’ financial goals and objectives and developing financial plans tailored specifically to their needs. I believe there are always opportunities to learn and improve your qualifications within your career, and I strive to apply new concepts and applications within every client relationship. I am driven to realize and fulfill client success by using effective action and strategic analysis to help individuals meet their medium-long-term objectives.

I specialise in helping you get in control of debt, developing investment strategies, superannuation, risk insurance protection and building for your retirement.

I have two beautiful children with my husband and enjoy our family time and getaways where we regularly visit the countryside where my husband grew up. I am an active person who enjoys the outdoors and partakes in challenging extracurricular activities, from scuba diving and kayaking to camping and cooking. I am also an avid and committed volunteer at my local tennis club and am passionate about bringing communities together.