People are happier and healthier if their money is organised. At PictureWealth, we are in the privileged position to offer a solution that can significantly impact a person’s finances and their wellness.

Research into the connection between finances and wellness is increasingly convincing.

Worrying about money is commonly linked to stress and anxiety. These can result in physical symptoms like insomnia, increased blood pressure and heart problems. Financial stress can also cause mental health issues like depression.

Financial wellness also impacts our lives in other ways, such as how we behave, how emotionally stable we are and our general attitudes towards life. Feeling safe and financially secure affects our sense of self-worth.

It is often the case that if a person’s physical health needs some maintenance, that person’s financial health does too. Most people have some idea of what they need to do to improve their physical wellness, but fewer people appear to know where to start with their financial wellness.

Employee wellness

The impact of financial stress extends beyond our homes and into our working environments.

Financially stressed employees are less engaged, less productive and more likely to leave their jobs. Naturally this negatively affects employers in terms of lost revenue and staff turnover. Because a happy employee is a productive employee, improving financial wellness offers employers significant return on investment.

Addressing financial health and wellness

At PictureWealth, we are in the privileged position to offer a solution that can significantly impact both a person’s financial and physical wellness.

Our system is designed to help people take control of their money. We help people set clearly defined goals, and guide them towards improving present and future wealth and wellness.

We apply technology and awesome design to create a revolutionary way for people to interact with their money matters. Underpinned by personalised insights and recommendations, we aim to encourage healthy money habits for long-term impact.

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